What are the actual hours of the program?

The program is very full-time. We begin at 1pm on Sunday and end at 5pm on Wednesday. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings begin at 8am. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights end at around 9:30pm.

Where will I be staying?

We provide home hospitality in Riverdale for any out-of-town participants.

I am not from the New York area. When will I hear about travel stipends?

We will discuss travel stipends with all of our out-of-town participants after they have been admitted.

If I know that I will need to miss part of the program, should I apply?

You may apply, but you should be transparent about exactly what times you will need to miss. This will affect our admissions decisions.

Will there be childcare?

We are dedicated to making our program as parent-friendly as possible, but we will not be providing childcare. However, for out of town participants with very small children, we may be able to assist in finding childcare in Riverdale.

When will I hear about admissions?

Applications are due on December 2nd, and we will be announcing admissions decisions in January.

Will I need to bring my own food?

No, our program includes all meals beginning with lunch on Sunday and ending with lunch on Wednesday. Admitted participants should be in touch with any allergy information.

Send your program questions to shira@jofa.org.