The 2018 Chatan and Kallah Teacher Training Workshop

June 24th - June 27th, 2018

The next Chatan and Kallah Teacher Training Workshop will be held from June 24th to June 27th, 2018 in Riverdale, New York. In addition to the application, applicants are required to submit a CV/Resume and three personal references. While we prioritize applicants who are already teaching, the application is open to individuals who do not yet have experience in teaching Chatan and Kallah classes. Please see below for details about the program or click here to read frequently asked questions. For further questions you may contact 

The application for the workshop is now closed. Please contact with further inquiries.

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The need for better training of kallah and chatan teachers

Kallah and chatan teachers are often on the front lines of preparing couples for married life, and in some cases for their first sexual encounters. We believe that they can have a significant and lasting impact on a couple's sexual experience and overall marriage.

Unfortunately, too many kallah and chatan teachers are unprepared for this role, having been provided with information and resources that are rudimentary at best, and at times entirely incorrect.

They are often provided with limited, if any, halakhic options to discuss with participants and don't have the primary text mastery to fully understand what they are teaching.

Additionally, many are understandably uncomfortable talking openly and frankly about sex. 

About the CKTT Workshop

For four days, participants in our workshops spend time looking at primary halakhic sources and discussing a wide range of positions on issue of hilkhot niddah. They also explore some of their preconceived sexual biases and come to understand the wide range of the human sexual response cycle.

To date, we have trained over fifty teachers. Our teachers come from across North America, Israel, and the UK, and they return home to teach kallot and/or chatanim in their home communities. We ask that our teachers commit to guiding three to five kallot and/or chatanim in the three years following their participation in our workshop. 

Who should apply?

Applicants should be committed to learning the full range of halakhic options when it comes to hilkhot niddah, and they should aspire to become comfortable discussing sex and sexuality frankly and openly. 


Location:  Riverdale, NY 

Cost:  $250 participation fee

This represents a fraction of the actual program cost per student which includes travel subsidies, food, lectures, materials, and home hospitality. 

Travel reimbursements are available. If this fee represents financial hardship, please be in touch. 

Class Size:  10-18 students in total, comprised of men and women     




  • Niddah D'oraitta and D'rabbanan
  • What Is “Normal” Sex?: Expanding our Parameters in Thinking and Talking about Sex 
  • Dam and Ketamim
  • The First Night and HalakhaDam Betulim and Biat Mitzvah
  • The Menstrual Cycle
  • Huppat Niddah and Scheduling the Wedding
  • Male and Female Sexual Reproductive Cycle
  • The Bottom Line: How Do I Create a Course That Works?

Most of the sessions will be conducted with men and women together, but there will be some separate-gender discussion sessions.  


Rabba Sara Hurwitz

Rabbi Dov Linzer

Rabbi Jeffrey Fox

Bat Sheva Marcus, PhD



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