Zlochower, Devorah (2004)
Preparing Modern Orthodox Kallot and Chatanim for Marriage
A Review of English Language Niddah Handbooks

Knohl, Rabbi Elyashiv (2008)
The Marriage Covenant


Eider, Rabbi Shimon (2005) 
Halachos of Niddah

Forst, Rabbi Binyomin (1999)
A Woman's Guide to the Laws of Niddah

Forst, Rabbi Binyomin (1997) 
The Laws of Niddah


Sultan, Rabbi Rahamim Shaul (1996)
Shoshanat Ha'Amakim: A Compilation of the Laws of Family Purity According to the Sephardic Custom 

Zimmerman, Dr. Deena (2011)
A Lifetime Companion to the Laws of Jewish Family Life

Eliyahu, Rabbi Mordechai (1986)
The Paths of Purity

Sexuality and Relationships

sex matters.jpg

Folley, Sallie (2011)
Sex Matters for Women: A Complete Guide to Taking Care of Your Sexual Self

This guide helps women understand how their bodies work and tries to help them take stock of their sexuality. The authors interweave candid reflections from diverse women with current, science-based information, exercises, and advice. You'll find answers to everything from how to have more satisfying sex to questions about body image, anatomy, hormones, relationships, sexual orientation, sexually transmitted infections, and trauma. It is a fairly basic book, written somewhat in the style of Our Bodies, Ourselves but many women find it helpful as a first step to thinking about and understanding their sexual selves.

Joannides, P. N.  (2004)
Guide To Getting It On

This is a favorite! The Guide is a (very, very thick) lively, upbeat, book that covers nearly every element of sexuality in a straightforward, plain-talk, humorous way.  It is clearly, aimed at a young, hip audience but nearly everyone would have something to learn from this book.  It is, however, extremely explicit both in its pictures and its text and some may find it offensive so caveat emptor.


Hutcherson, Hilda, (2002)
What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex

This book is an excellent guide and outline for women in heterosexual relationships. It covers basic anatomy, different forms of sexual pleasuring and includes ideas to make sex more interesting. It also gives an overview of the typical life stages a woman might experience and the challenges sex may pose during each . While fairly explicit it is understated and  more conservative than other sex books and it is the book I most often use with my religious patients.

Berman, Laura (2010)
Real Sex for Real Women

If you would like a book which is heavier on pictures than words and full of short, practical advice, than this might be the book for you. It’s not profound and sticks to the basics of heterosexual sex but it gives some good practical suggestions and it could be helpful for a couple to read together as the pictures are attractive but not pornographic.


Rosenfeld, Jennie and Ribner, David (2011)  
“Et Le’ehov” The Newlywed Guide to Physical Intimacy

If you are looking for a book that was written specifically for Orthodox Jews, then this might well be the book for you. The authors address many of the issues raised in the other books listed, and answer many of the same questions. However, they do it from a perspective of an observant Jew and they tackle some of the halakhic issues that might be of concern. The do so honestly, directly and sensitively. This book is not as comprehensive as the other books listed so you might want to consider acquiring it as a companion text to one of the others.


Other Articles:

Hartman, Tova and Marmon, Naomi (2004)
Lived Regulation, Systematic Attributions
A Survey of Women’s Attitudes towards Niddah observance and marital sex within a halakhic context.