There are a number of teachers who offer classes virtually through Skype. To be connected to one of these teachers, email


     Rabbi Daniel and Hannah Braune-Friedman

Jewish marriage begins with a conversation of holiness, partnership and communication. This will mean different things for each couple. For traditional couples it may include the laws of niddah, but all couples should take the time before their wedding to learn about what it means to be in Jewish marriage. We are here to develop a unique curriculum for anyone.
— Rabbi Daniel and Hannah Braune-Friedman
  • Location: West Hartford, CT, also available on Skype
  • Couples preferred, but open to any student
  • 5 sessions (1.5-2 hours each), or we can break it into different modules to cater to specific needs
  • Fee: $250 per person/$500 for a couple for all 5 sessions, but no student will be turned away for financial reasons



Sara Wolkenfeld

I tailor the classes to the interests and level of my students, but I always incorporate primary sources. I provide some philosophical approaches to the halakhot, as well as practical advice for successfully incorporating these laws into a healthy marriage. I also teach hilkhot niddah to women who are converting to Judaism, and learn hilkhot niddah in-depth with unmarried students who are interested in this type of study.
— Sara Wolkenfeld
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Women, men, and couples
  • Approximately five to eight sessions
  • Fee: $300-$500

Kayla Arons Avraham

I spend some time getting to know my study partner(s), in order to understand how to best learn and teach the halakhot and minhagim of niddah. My classes combine primary sources and practical applications of the law, as well as a look at how different customs have evolved over time. I tailor my classes to the needs of each individual in order to best ensure that the material we are learning is applicable, tangible, and meaningful to everyday life.
— Kayla Arons Avraham
  • Location: Skokie, IL and Chicagoland area
  • Women and couples
  • Usually 5 sessions, but tailored to the individual
  • Fee: $300-$500


Carrie Bornstein & Mayyim Hayyim

Mayyim Hayyim offers classes and refers to partner teachers. We support an approach that teaches varying opinions and perspectives, and we support individuals and couples in making whatever decisions are right for them. Mayyim Hayyim is the primary sponsor of classes and seminars.
— Carrie Bornstein
  • Location: Sharon, MA
  • Women, men, and couples
  • Approximately one to five sessions
  • Fee: varies based on classes


Maharat Rori Picker Neiss

My goal is to empower women and couples in understanding the nuances of hilkhot niddah, and to work together to navigate the laws in the way that works best for them. We look at primary sources and discuss the philosophy behind the laws as well as practical applications and the range of halakhic opinions.
— Rori Picker Neiss
  • Location: St. Louis, MO
  • Women and couples
  • Approximately four to five sessions
  • Offers sessions via Skype
  • Fee: $360 negotiable

Sara Fredman

I like to teach as many primary texts as possible, based on the kallah’s interest, but try to balance that text study with an understanding of how these laws function in the real lives of women (and how that has changed over time). I also ideally serve as a continuing resource for women as they continue in their married lives.
— Sara Fredman
  • Location: Chesterfield, MO

  • Women only

  • Approximately four sessions

  • Fee: $40/hour


Sharon Weiss-Greenberg

While I have material that I feel the need to cover in terms of rabbinic texts and theoretical approach to practicing these laws, I also give space for the student to ask guiding questions. The students are more than welcome to ask about halakhot outside of niddah, such as hair covering or finances, to be discussed during our time together.
— Sharon Weiss-Greenberg
  • Location: Modiin, Israel and willing to Skype

  • Women and couples

  • Approximately five to six sessions

  • Fee: $360 for all sessions

Yvette Beyda

I typically spend one session understanding Judaism’s approach to intimacy and the concept of hilkhot niddah. The remaining sessions discuss practical halakha and a focus on good communication skills.
— Yvette Beyda
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Women only
  • Approximately four two-hour sessions
  • Fee: none
  • Specializes in Sephardic Halakhot

Naama Weinstock

I teach in a very practical manner, usually the background with sources and the actual halakhot without sources. I give students suggested reading so that if they are interested in sources they can read as much or as little as they want. I always ask students what their expectations are and what they are interested in learning with me before I start teaching. My husband usually meets with the future husband.
— Naama Weinstock
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Women only
  • Approximately two or three sessions
  • Fee: none

Yael Hanover

God gave us a beautiful gift in Mitzvot Taharat HaMishpacha. We have the opportunity to elevate a natural part of our married lives. My job is to teach couples the transcendental holiness of the married relationship.
— Yael Hanover
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Couples together
  • Approximately six classes
  • Fee: $360 (negotiable based on finances)

Orly Lieberman

In our sessions, we work together so that each couple can feel confident in their ability to integrate these halachot into their daily practice. For each area within the halacha, we will begin with the Torah, discuss how the halachot have developed and spend time talking about the practical applications. I have taught couples from varying backgrounds and varying levels of observance. At the end of our studies, it is my hope that every couple feels empowered to participate actively and positively in these halachot.
— Orly Lieberman
  • Location: Five Towns, NY

  • Women and Couples

  • Approximately six to seven sessions

  • Fee: Flexible

  • Skype Sessions available

  • Niddah Refresher courses available


Sara Mizrachi

I begin the first class getting acquainted with kallot while establishing a safe environment for any sensitive questions or topics. We cover Biblical sources in the first class as well, which helps to frame the context of halakha l’maaseh. The following classes cover the laws in a chronological format, beginning with menstruation. In the last class, an experienced social worker speaks about ‘communication skills for newlyweds.’ It’s a nice transition to discussions about sexuality and intimacy.
— Sara Mizrachi
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Women only
  • Approximately four to five sessions
  • Fee: none

Aliza Berkovits Rosenblum

I speak with the kallah on the phone and discuss what she is interested in covering specifically. We then tailor the course to the approach she would like to take.
— Aliza Berkovits Rosenblum
  • Location: West Hempstead, NY

  • Women and couples on request

  • Approximately eight sessions

  • Fee: $450

Meira Wolkenfeld

I aim for warm, comfortable sessions covering primary sources and their practical application, as relevant to the particular couple.
— Meira Wolkenfeld
  • Location: Washington Heights, NY
  • Women and couple
  • 5 sessions
  • Fee: $250-$300 

Yamit and Alon Kol


We prefer to teach couples together as we believe that this fosters good communication between both partners about the topics covered in the course and minimizes confusion. We want to give our students the tools necessary to practice hilchot taharat hamishpacha, examining a variety of sources inside, as well as to tackle challenges that have become too common in marriages, including but not limited to sexual dysfunction and poor communication. Course can be tailored to meet individuals’ needs. Our first meeting will be an interview to determine whether we are a good match.
— Yamit and Alon Kol
  • Location: Washington Heights, NY and willing to Skype

  • Men, women, and couples

  • 6 sessions

  • Fee: $700 per couple, can depend on how we customize your course



Rachel Fryman

My classes are geared towards both the individual and the couple. We will speak in advance to discuss your background and expectations, and I will provide suggested readings. We will tailor our sessions to cover specific topics that are relevant to your goals. I am passionate about helping couples with the transition to married life, regardless of their past experiences. The most important thing is that you enter your marriage feeling comfortable with the Jewish laws relating to physical intimacy and having the tools to navigate your new marital relationship. We will work together to achieve that.
— Rachel Fryman
  • Location: manhattan, Long Island and Skype
  • Women and Couples
  • 4-5 sessions (including at least one session after the wedding
  • Fee: flexible

Sasha Kesler

My course includes a comprehensive overview of the laws of Taharat HaMishpacha, Jewish sexual ethics, practical sexuality, and healthy communication in marriage. I strive to empower women and couples to integrate the practice of Taharat HaMishpacha into their lives and to create open communication about their sexual lives and the halakha. I include both original sources and practical halakha in each class, and work with clients to develop a course that fits their needs. I have worked with clients from a variety of backgrounds and levels of observance.
— Sasha Kesler
  • Location: Upper West Side and Washington Heights, NY and willing to Skype

  • Women and couples

  • Approximately 4-6 sessions, available to teach one-time session

  • Fee: $360 (negotiable based on finances)

Rabbi Aviad Bodner

I speak with the Chatan on the phone and discuss what he is interested in learning and his background. We will then tailor the course accordingly.
— Rabbi Aviad Bodner
  • Location: Manhattan, NY, will teach over Skype
  • Men only
  • 3-4 sessions
  • Fee: flexible

Surie Rudoff Sugarman

I’m 62; I have married children. I’ve been teaching since 2008. I teach students at all levels of observance and experience. My classes are text-based, and I attempt to combine a conceptual understanding with a practical approach to observing this area of halacha. I try to create a comfortable, open, understanding environment where questions are encouraged and concerns and confidences can be shared and discussed.
— Surie Rudoff Sugarman
  • Location: New York City (Manhattan, Upper East Side)
  • Women or couples
  • 5-6 sessions, 1.5 to 2 hours each
  • Available daytime, evenings and Sunday
  • Fees: $500/single student, $700/couple 

Etta Bendavid

I aim to address the initial concerns and questions of the kallah/couple regarding niddah, sex, and communication in a marriage. In terms of hilkhot niddah, I teach a text-based course so that the couple can learn the origins of current practice and the variability in observance. I come to this work with a sensitivity that practicing the laws of niddah can be challenging, especially during the transition into marriage.
— Etta Bendavid
  • Location: Raanana, Israel and willing to Skype
  • Women and/or couples
  • 4-5 sessions
  • Fee: $100/hour session, negotiable


Esti Honig

My kallah classes are structured to learn the halakhot of niddah from the sources through modern day practice of the laws. I want to impart both a practical knowledge of how to keep these laws and an appreciation for their origin and development.
— Esti Honig
  • Location: Merion Station, PA
  • Women and couples
  • Approximately six sessions
  • Fee: $300
  • Skype teaching available, though not preferred


Alisha Klapholz

My role as a teacher is to provide students with Biblical texts and modern applications of halakha, and to give students the tools that they need to start their married lives. My goal is that students will walk away confident in the knowledge, support, and resources they have to make various decisions as a family.
— Alisha Klapholz
  • Location: Houston, TX. Available for lessons over Skype/Google Hangout
  • Women, and Couples on request
  • Fee: flexible
  • Approximately four sessions, depending on student needs


Rabbi Ben Elton

I provide a guide to the halakhot of Taharat haMishpacha, especially those particularly relevant to men, and a discussion of marital intimacy.
— Rabbi Ben Elton
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Men
  • Two or three sessions
  • Fee: Local market rate


Maharat Rachel Kohl Finegold

I always offer to teach the couple together but I am also happy to teach just the kallah. I teach a text-based course, giving a couple as much information as possible, so that they can understand where the practices come from and can differentiate between what is the letter of the law and what is stringency. I sometimes teach couples who might not do ‘the whole package’ but want to learn about a variety of ways that people keep niddah. I can also add classes on hair covering, birth control, or the wedding ceremony.
— Maharat Rachel Kohl Finegold
  • Location: Montreal, Canada

  • Women or couples together

  • Approximately four to five sessions

  • Fee: $75 per session

  • Team-teaches Jewish Sex Ethic session with her husband

Arielle Berger

The four sessions review the wedding ceremony, laws and customs related to mikvah, and the Jewish approach to sex and relationships. My class is a mix of primary sources and practical halakha, depending on the specific topic. We learn the primary sources of niddah d’oraita and the development to the practice of niddah in the modern day. We also dedicate a good amount of time to learning about Judaism’s approach to sexuality.
— Arielle Berger
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario

  • Prefer to teach couples but also women alone

  • Approximately four sessions

  • Fee: flexible

Naomi Levitt

I ask the kallah what she would prefer in terms of looking at the text. At the very least, I will review outside where hilkhot niddah originates.
— Naomi Levitt
  • Location: Ontario
  • Women only
  • Number of Sessions: flexible
  • Fee: none

Rebecca Rotenberg Nadler

Using sources, in both the original and translation, and depending on the student, I strive to go through the development of the laws of Taharat HaMishpacha so that the student feels ownership over and understands the laws.
— Rebecca Rotenberg Nadler
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario
  • Women and couples
  • Approximately 4-5 sessions
  • Fee:  $300, negotiable


Chaya Miller

I meet with the kallah and discuss where she’s coming from and what she is looking for. Every session is divided into a discussion on one halahkic aspect and then learning auxiliary references with insights into different aspects of relationships. The sources we use are tailored to the kallah.
— Chaya Miller
  • Location: Jerusalem, Israel
  • Women only
  • Approximately six sessions, one with the couple
  • Fee: 600 NIS
  • Generally teaches in Hebrew but English available

Emily Singer
Contact for more info

I meet with the couple and discuss what they are specifically interested in covering and then we tailor the course for the approach they want to take. I make sure to cover the sources in at least some small way, and more if they are interested. I try to cover basic issues, trying to present a wide range of approaches and opinions, encouraging them to discuss their thoughts and feelings.
— Emily Singer
  • Location: Kibbutz Ma’ale Gilboa
  • Women and men
  • Approximately four to eight sessions
  • Fee: flexible


Dina Brawer

I customize the learning to the students, considering their religious background and Jewish education. My classes are rather informal conversations – in the majority of the cases I am introducing a new and sometimes alien concept to couples who are not familiar with the practice of mikvah and associated laws. My aim is to inspire the couple to adopt, on a level suitable to them, this demanding but rewarding ritual.
— Dina Brawer
  • Location: Borehamwood, United Kingdom

  • Couples together

  • Approximately two to six sessions

  • Fee: £360